Created Mar 01, 2009

USAF Vet-923294

How do you talk about yourself without sounding vain? Well, I guess I will try.

I am a USAF Veteran who was retired PDRL after 11 years of services. I worked in the van conversion industry for a few years after that and then went to college. I Have two degrees from the University of Oklahoma that I managed to obtain in four years. One is a BAC (Bachelors of Accountancy) and the other is a BBA majoring in MIS. I have three children that are grown and my wonderful wife (Delores) of 24 years who was a cosmetologist, but now stays at home.

My children are Anthony, Jordan and Christiona (CHRIS-SHAWN-A, Irish for Christina). Anthony served in the USMC after high school and served in the Iraq Conflict. He is now a private contractor for the USMC out in California. Jordan is in College and Christiona is now at OU - my Alma Mater.

What else? Oh Yeah, I love dogs.